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la face de mitchka
Mitchka à la Meije More info
Lise Bibich dans la couverture des 100 plus belles revisitées
Voie Bonatti en famille More info
Le miroir d' Argentine
Miroir d' argentine More info
Salbithütte et Salbitschijen
Arête Sud du Salbitschijen More info
Rocklands More info
Notre refuge, génial !
Arête du Tronchey More info
Le Bargil
Bargil More info
Passage du Spitz au Gross Diamantstock
Arêtes de Suisse centrale More info
1865 visuel
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For over 150 years Simond has been an international brand that knows how to make the most of its local assets.

Men and women dedicated to helping you get the most out of your mountain sports. Find out more about Simond's employees, our partners and our distributors.


Where climbers can exchange info on routes and climbs.

Find out all the latest news about Simond the company. Plus, visit the Simond guidebook, as a guest or contributor, sharing your latest news about outings.

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