VUARDE PLUS Climbing Shoes

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Key feature
Their shape has been designed to provide superior comfort and greater precision. You very quickly can slip them on and off with Z-shaped rip-tab straps.
Users reviews
4.1 / 5 95 ratings

Products benefits

Fitting comfort
Flat leather climbing shoe suitable for big wall and long routes.
Stiff sole gives you a better hold on small footholds
Good grip and resistance to wear.
Easy dressing
Accurate fitting with the Z-shaped rip-tab fastener.Quick to fit and remove.


from Jr 2 to Adult 12.5.
Upper of : 100.0% Leather - Bovine - Split Outer sole of : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)
Designed to :
big wall or indoor climbing
2 years


warm the outsole by rubbing with your hand before climbing (making rubber instantly sticky to avoiding wearing in first minutes of use due to outsole slipping on the rock because it is cold); clean the rubber after climbing (before it cools so dust doesn't stick).
Storage Tips
avoid very hot or damp areas (in the car during summer, near a heat source); Store in a cool, dry place.

Additional information

Shoe shape
straight, the foot is in a natural position (comfortable support), suitable for all foot shapes. Suitable for long climbs.
Gum resin, excellent grip and resistance to wear.
Split cowhide leather. Precision lace-up fastening.

Users reviews

4.1 / 5 95 ratings
83 users recommended this product
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30-39 years old
17 October 2016
Use since 2 to 8 weeks
Bon rapport qualité/prix, assez souple
prix, confort, polyvalent, un peu souple, velcro talon

Confortable et satisfaisant. J'utilise jusqu'à 6a/b, surtout en salle. Bon rapport qualité/prix, parfait pour débutant et initié (jusqu'à 6+).
Quand les pieds deviennent petit (6b/c, grattons), la pointe est quand même trop molle et manque de rigidité et précision (comparé à des chaussons à +100€), mais sa souplesse permet de bien englober/adhérer aux prises (salles). Beaucoup plus confort et technique que le Simond Rock, plus évolutif. Bémol : Le talon vraiment trop lâche (pour mon pied), ça gêne pour bloc et dévers (mais ça concerne pas les débutants).
Velcro, pas de problème. Pas d'irritation intérieur. Usure rapide de ma pointe (sorte de décollement?), contrairement à mes autres chaussons, mais ça provient certainement de ma pratique (pan abrasif).

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purchase confirmed
05 June 2016


Brand response :

亲爱的顾客您好 感谢您选购Simond这款橡胶大底攀岩鞋。Simond是迪卡侬攀登运动品牌,起源于勃朗峰脚下的霞慕尼山谷中,150年的悠久历史专注于打造高质量的攀登装备。 很抱歉给您带来不愉快的使用体验,关于您反映的几点问题,在这里为您解答.首先是攀岩鞋的选购,Simond攀岩鞋分为初学级别、进阶级别和专家级别,每一级的攀岩鞋在设计和性能上都有所不同,因此攀登者需要根据自身情况选择适合自己的攀岩鞋。您选择的这款是进阶级别攀岩鞋,应选择比正常鞋码偏小一码。进阶级别的攀岩鞋对于脚型的包裹设计要求很高,因此脚跟处鞋帮向内倾斜,且如您所说较高,是为了保证能紧密包裹整个脚跟,防止攀岩过程中鞋子脱落。关于攀岩鞋内部缝合线裸露的问题,为了保证脚和鞋子接触面的摩擦性和攀岩时的脚感,避免攀岩过程中脚底打滑,鞋子的设计摈除了额外的附件设置如内衬。关于您提到的品牌LOGO处的材质多余,不知道您指的是鞋外部脚跟LOGO处么?该处三角斜边是为了脚跟处的包裹支撑而设计的,基本所有攀岩鞋的脚跟处都会有类似设计。关于您提到的磨脚问题,SIMOND产品全部由法国团队开发设计。欧洲人和亚洲人的脚型存在区别,确实可能存在鞋子偏窄磨脚的情况,这点我们也在不断改进。世面上很难有完美适合的鞋子,我们的建议是根据自己的攀岩级别,选择正确的尺码。如果还是存在严重的磨脚或不适,可能这款攀岩鞋并不适合您。 希望我的解答可以帮助到您。如果您需要进一步攀岩方面的专业咨询,可以前往我们的门店寻找帮助,我们的同事将会为您耐心解答。 您的关注是我们进步的动力!

Chenlu Zhan Quechua&Simond Digital Leader DECATHLON

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  • Man
    20-29 years old
    18 April 2017
    Use since 7 to 12 months
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    purchase confirmed
    Climbing Shoes

    They're good shoes that fit well and they're reasonably priced, I'm generally pretty happy with them.

  • Woman
    20-29 years old
    25 February 2017
    Use since 2 to 8 weeks
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    Not amazing

    I got them for my first new pair so I can't really compare. They are decent shoes and about 20-30 pounds cheaper than high bland shoes. But they did not wow me. Maybe I expected too much from 5 stars reviews.

    It is not sticky and hard to stick to stones with toes. To make sure not falling down, I need to put more than toes. And as the description says, the soles are stiff, but anything they are too stiff. It does not seem softening . And the Z shaped fastener is not so nice. Although it is indeed easy to wear. I am woman and the shoe is too wide in the lower side of foot. But when I try to narrow with Z shaped fastener, it automatically narrow both upper and lower sides.

    I will get other shoes with high brand next time, but right now they are enough.

  • Man
    20-29 years old
    16 February 2017
    Use since 1 week or less
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    Right shoe larger than right

    Not grippy/sticky enough - rubber is smooth and slips on holds. the right shoe is slightly smaller than left, causing big toe to scrunch painfully in shoe. Do not seem to stretch. Would recommend going for a well known brand to ensure you are getting value for money.