Vertika SOFT, our new indoor climbing shoes!

"One shoe, two shapes"

Introducing our new VERTIKA SOFT climbing shoe, a shoe that's both technical and comfortable, for intermediate climbers.

1 model, 2 versions ...

... adapted to women's and men's morphologies

After a study of 10,000 sportsmen and women in 15 countries, including 3,000 in Europe, our research and development teams were able to observe a real difference between men's and women's feet. For an athlete with the same foot length, a woman's foot will be narrower in the metatarsals as well as in the heel. Also the foot arch on a woman's foot is on average more pronounced than on a man's foot.

Based on all these findings, we realised the importance of differentiating between women's and men's feet. That's why we decided to create two versions of the same model: a fitted version, adapted to the morphology of women's feet and a wider version, adapted to the morphology of men's feet.

  • Vertika SOFT, our new indoor climbing shoes!


    Slightly wider than the women's model in the front and in the heel, this shoe will suit most men.
    Of course, a woman's shoe can be suitable for a man's foot if the latter is thinner than average.

  • Vertika SOFT, our new indoor climbing shoes!


    With a tighter fit across the front of the foot at the metatarsals and a narrower heel, this shoe will fit most women's feet.

A technical shoe...

... for intermediate climbers

Accompanied by advanced climbers, our designers have developed this technical, flexible and forgiving shoe for technical progress at a higher level, especially in indoor climbing.

This shoe is technical because it has good grip and precision while remaining comfortable.

Thanks to the XS Grip sole from VIBRAM, the shoe has excellent grip which is essential for intermediate climbers.
The rand across the shoe lets you perform toe hooks.
The heel has a grippy rubber for heel hooks.

Our design teams have chosen to make a bi-sole shoe that favours foot mobility and grip on surfaces. The flexibility of the shoe has also been worked on so that it can be pressed into holds for better traction.

Thanks to its slight asymmetry, the shoe adapts to the foot around the big toe, where climbers naturally plant their foot.
The shoe naturally has a slightly arched shape to provide more strength in the toes.
The slingshot is moderate and pushes the foot forward with every movement to promote precision and power.
It's a soft shoe that favours sensation and develops power. The flexibility is in the rubber. It's not excessively flexible either, as this would result in a loss of climbing quality and increased fatigue for the climber.

Vertika SOFT our new indoor climbing shoes!

A comfortable shoe...

... to enhance sensation

The choice of materials makes the shoe comfortable, as the 3D mesh on the tongue provides comfort et breathability.

Our design team favoured the ballerina shape in order to reduce the number of seams while keeping a hook and loop fastener to ensure good foot support.

This shoe does not stretch very much because it's made of synthetic microfibre with a lining, a material that is very stable over time.

Vertika our new climbing shoes for all feet



Vertika SOFT, our new indoor climbing shoes!
Vertika SOFT, our new indoor climbing shoes!
Vertika SOFT, our new indoor climbing shoes!