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alpinisme rocheux

Quick Links should bear the following marks* : MAILLON RAPIDE France EN 362:04/Q EN 12275 CE 0082 A.10.01 ...KN 10 K N   UIAA

Key to symbols

registered trademark
EN 362:04/Q standard number, reference year and code letter corresponding to the class and equipment
EN12275 in compliance with standard EN 12275
0082 number of the approved body that carries out manufacture inspections
A supplier traceability
10 last two digits of the year of manufacture
01 à 99 equipment model number
<...KN> major-axis breaking strength in the closed and locked position (load : see chart)
10 KN minor-axis breaking strength in the closed and locked position (in kN)   
UIAA International climbing EN mountaineering federation

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    this pictogram indicates that the user should refer to the instructions

  • alpinisme rocheux

    in compliance with regulation 2016/425

- The MAILLON RAPIDE Quick Link is intended to serve as a connection element between components / assembly device for a fall protection system for connecting directly or indirectly to an anchor point (EN362). The user must perform before every use visual checks (for corrosion, wearing, deformation), functional checks (of threads, etc.), along with checks for mark legibility. Extreme temperatures and the effects of chemical reagents, cuts and abrasions are all factors that could affect the performance of the equipment. Care should be taken during use, transport and storage. While in use, the nut must be correctly and completely screwed onto the bold with the appropriate tightening torque : no thread must be showing. 
- If a Quick Link fitted on an item of equipment has served its purpose in stopping a fall, it must be replaced by a new Quick Link. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a Quick Link after having checked it, destroy it and replace it with a new one.
- Only persons who are suitably trained and qualified may use the equipment ; furthermore, a rescue plan must be put in place to respond to all emergencies that could arise while the equipment is being used.
- In accordance with standard EN 362, a Quick Link should be employed only for connections that are infrequently opened and closed.
- Users should take account of the lenght of the Quick Link if it is to be used with a fall-stop system where it will affect the height of the fall (e.g. if it is used with equipment complying with standards EN 355 or EN 360 or EN 353-1/2). Ensure that the device or anchoring point is always correctly positioned and that work is carried out in such a way to reduce the fall height and the risk of falls to a minimum. Check that there is free space beneath the user in order to avoid any collision with obstacles that may be obstructing the fall trajectory.
- Users should ensure that their medical conditions do not affect their safety during normal use of the equipment or in case of an emergency. In case of doubt, users should consult their doctor.
- Maintenance and storage : Quick Links must be stored in a dry place. In case of contact with water, or after cleaning with water and air-drying, the threads should be lightly oiled.
- Any modifications to a Quick Link (or assembly with other components) must be approved by the manufacturer.
- The equipment must not be used beyond its limits (given by the manufacturer and engraved on the product), or in any other situation than that for which it is intended. Only use the connector with equipment complying with applicable European standards. It is recommended that individual Quick Links be used by only one person.
- Check the compatibility of all elements in order to avoid any dangers likely to arise through the use of several items : ensure that no element’s safety functions are affected or compromised by the safety functions of any other elements.
- Check that the anchoring point has a minimum strength of 12 kN and allows the Quick Link to be used in compliance with the recommendations of these instructions (particularly regarding the direction of tension) and the breaking loads laid down in the standard. It is recommended that the anchoring point be situated above the user.
- It is recalled that the fall arrest harness is the only body prehension device that is allowed for use in a fall arrest system.
- In case of resale, the Quick Link should be accompanied by these instructions in the language of the destination country.
- The lifetime of a Quick Link is unlimited : only the state of the equipment determines its ability to remain in use.
- The safety of the user is related to maintaining the efficiency and strength of the equipment and its regular inspections. Quick Links should be carefully checked at regular intervals by a qualified individual in strict compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions at least once a year. At each inspection, the check must be recorded on the product identification sheet. The data sheet must be kept at each inspection.


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    Table of tightening torques (Nm) tension
    * diameter of the maillon wire in mm.

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    Direction of loading recommended
    do not use on minor axis

  • Reminder

    This data sheet is to use with each control and must be kept The EU declaration of conformity can be consulted at


PEGUET MAILLON RAPIDE SAS 12 rue des Buchillons CS 60205 Ville La Grand 74105 ANNEMASSE CEDEX France Notified body n°0082 carried out a EU-type examination, in charge of production control (Article C2) : SAS APAVE SUDEUROPE - CS 60193 13322 Marseille cedex 16 FRANCE