Multiple uses for mountaineering and climbing, excluding belaying and caving. Example - 4mm for securing loads. - 5/6 mm for slings, rings and nuts. - 7 mm for rings, nuts. The various components of the belay chain (harness, carabiners, slings, anchor points, belay devices, descenders) must comply with the UIAA / inspection label: regularly check the sheath. Replace it in the event of a fall. Avoid contact with sharp edges. When wet or frozen, the cord loses its strength. The knot halves the original strength. Lifespan: Can be stored for 5 years in good conditions before normal use for 2-3 years or intensive use for 1 year. But it can be destroyed the first time it is used. Storage: away from light, frost and moisture. Avoid contact with corrosive or aggressive substances. Wash with clean water. Marking: the diameter (mm), length, breaking strength (kN), mass per metre (G/m), standard number (EN), month and year (YYYY/MM) of manufacture and CE marking (equipment complying with the requirements of Regulation EU 2016/425) appear on the sheath or reel. The batch number provides traceability. EN 564:2014: technical reference and year of issue. Notified laboratory responsible for the EU type examination: Apave Exploitation France SAS (n°0082) - 6 Rue du Général Audran - 92412 COURBEVOIE cedex - France certification body module D: AFNOR Certification – 11 rue F. de Pressensé – 93571 La Plaine St Denis Cedex – France The EU Declaration of Conformity for your product can be found on the relevant rope's web page on the website