How to choose your climbing bag


Off on a climbing expedition, going on routes or boulders, and looking for the right bag to carry everything you need? Find out how to choose your climbing bag!

Maybe you are off on a climbing expedition, going on routes or boulders, but you have too much gear for a standard-size backpack, or perhaps you are looking for exactly the right bag for your route? This is the time to invest in a bag specifically designed to carry your climbing gear, or to get yourself a bag that you will use for big wall climbing. Find out how to make the right choice!

For single-pitch climbing

Whether for indoor climbing or rock climbing, we recommend you invest in two types of bags

How to choose your climbing bag
How to choose your climbing bag

A carry bag to hold all your gear

A large format (30/35 litres) that has enough room for your shoes, harness, chalk, quickdraws, water bottle, spare clothes, etc. A real Mary Poppins bag.
Opt for a bag with easy opening that can be carried like a backpack if you have to do a lot of approach walking.

For single-pitch climbing <br>

A rope bag

This essential item with built-in cover not only lets you carry your rope easily, it also provides a way of protecting it on the ground (gravel, sand, etc.), which extends its lifespan.
Bonus: with a rope bag, you won’t even need to coil (refold) your rope, if you attach the two ends in the bag, it won’t knot.

For multi-pitch climbing: 

  • How to choose your climbing bag

    You carry your bag, so it needs to be lightweight

    This bag has been streamlined to be as lightweight as possible, so you’ll forget you’re carrying it during multi-pitch climbing. Cleverly designed with an attachment loop for packing away your ropes and a daisy chain for hooking up carabiners and quickdraws. 

  • How to choose your climbing bag

    If you prefer hauling, you need a special bag

    Robust to ensure it withstands rubbing, the haul bag is designed to follow you along the route. You climb and haul the bag up to join you! Its straps are ultra-hard-wearing to ensure they can be attached easily and pulled upwards.

Ultra-lightweight, suitable for hauling, big enough to carry all your gear with you, or specially designed to look after your rope: there is bound to be a bag that perfectly matches your needs!