How to choose the size of your hiking gaiters

How to choose the size of your hiking gaiters

Need some hiking gaiters, but would like some help choosing the right size and model? You’re in the right place

Find out about the different uses for gaiters, the size and height you need and how to put them on.

What are hiking gaiters for?

What are hiking gaiters for?

Hiking gaiters are fabric accessories that cover the top of your boots and the bottom of your legs. They wrap around your ankles and act as a shield, preventing anything from getting into your shoes.

Gaiters are an extension of your trousers, providing you with more protection, durability and waterproofness. Gaiters aren’t essential for hiking, and many people don't use them, but they provide extra comfort that you may well be grateful for in certain situations.

1. Different types of waterproof gaiters:

  • MT500 gaiters

    MT500 gaiters – men’s / women’s

    Protects the top of your shoes and the bottom of your legs

  • low gaiters

    MT500 low gaiters – men’s / women’s

    Protects the top of your shoes and your ankles

2. How to choose the height of your hiking gaiters

Hiking gaiters come in different heights: long, mid-length and short.
Generally speaking, they all serve the same purpose: to prevent things from getting in your hiking boots.

What will change are the conditions in which you are hiking. The more difficult the conditions, the longer and more hard-wearing your gaiters should be. If you’re hiking through snow or tall grass, long gaiters would be the most appropriate choice. If you’re hiking on well-kept trails, short gaiters should suffice.

Which size gaiters should I choose?

3. Which size gaiters should I choose?

When it comes to the size of hiking gaiters, you may not know which size is best suited to your body shape.

Low gaiters come in only one size, so you don’t have to worry about making the right choice.

For the other model, you can choose between a size S/M or a size L/XL.

Depending on your height and shoe size, choosing a pair of gaiters is fairly simple. But take care if you order them online because you won’t have a chance to try them on.

If you're between two sizes, make sure the gaiter fits snugly around your calf before you order. If they don’t fit you properly, they may not work as well as they should.

4. When and why to use gaiters

Hiking gaiters help to protect your legs and feet from rain, mud, snow and debris. We therefore recommend you use them when hiking conditions deteriorate so that you remain comfortable.

Gaiters are known and designed to protect your legs, as well as your trousers, when hiking off-trail or on unkempt paths. In particular, they protect you when you're walking through damp undergrowth, brambles, shrubs or any other vegetation that might make you uncomfortable during your hike. They also prevent your trousers from getting wet or muddy and from ripping.

You can also use gaiters when you’re hiking on sand or stony paths. When the sand or dust is damp, residue can stick to the soles of your shoes, and can then get thrown up into your shoes.

How to put gaiters on your hiking boots

5. How to put gaiters on your hiking boots

Hiking gaiters are very simple to use and are easy to put on and take off. You can check you’ve put your gaiters on the right way round by making sure the lace hook is attached to the front of your shoe.

Learn how to put on your gaiters in six simple steps:

- Place the open gaiter on your calf

- Slide the stirrup under your shoe and wedge it in the sunken part of your sole (just in front of the heel)

How to put gaiters on your hiking boots

- Fasten the first press stud at the bottom of the gaiter

- Adjust the stirrup so that the bottom of the gaiter is snug around your shoe (important)

- Wrap the fabric around your shin and fasten the hook and loop strap or zip up to the top

- Finally, fasten the gaiter to your shoe using the lace hook

Good to know:

- If you are stepping on the buckle then your stirrup is too tight.

- The buckle should be on the outside of your feet.

Gaiters for every activity

Finally, there are gaiters specifically designed for certain activities, such as hunting or mountaineering.

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