How to equip for bouldering ?

Climbing requires very little gear, at least much less than for climbing on cliffs or mountains. Some items are however necessary, particularly if one wants to climb above a certain grade.

T-shirt or tank top in stretch fabric for greater freedom of movement and abrasion resistant A light fleece or Softshell jacket
Abrasion resistant trousers, jeans, 3⁄4-length pants or shorts with a loose fit for greater freedom of move- ment.


The Fontainebleau forest and its distinctive sandstone boulders is an internationally famous bouldering area.

Climbing is on low boulders and does not usually require a rope for belaying.

Despite the low height of the boulders, the forest is one of the best climbing areas in France.


How to choose
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Selecting appropriate climbing shoes is one of the most difficult choices of climbing equipment you can make

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