Prusik Loop 60 cm Auto-block Cord - Fluorescent Yellow

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Key feature
Highly flexible and resistant auto-blocking cord. Its flexibility helps to bite into even the narrowest of ropes. Its construction makes it exceptionally long lasting despite repeated knot folding.

Products benefits

Highly resistant to repeated folding and high levels of friction.
Elastic cordelette in order to really bite into narrow ropes.
Impact protection
Seam protected by a heat shrink sleeve.
Extremely lightweight at 29 g compared to mechanical systems.
Visual efficiency
Showy colour makes it easier to pick out this piece of safety equipment.


Stds / Certif.
CE / EN 566
Inner fabric : 100.0% Aramid Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA)
Designed to :
climber or mountaineer who want an effective auto-block cord for rappelling, making a pulley system.
2 years


Storage Tips
Store in a dry and ventilated place and keep away from UV rays.
Before using it, check for auto-blocking effectiveness

Additional information

Core made from Technora Aramid
Cordelette core (inner part) is braided in Aramaic. This guarantees greater durability and exceptional longevity despite repeated folding when used to make auto-blocking knots.
Sheath made from Polyamide
The cordelette sheath (external part) is braided in polyamide. This guarantee a good level of flexibility enabling to make effective friction hitches on all types of ropes, even with the narrowest diameter.
Heat shrink sleeve
The cord's seam is protected by a resistant and clear heat shrink sleeve. This helps to ensure seam is in good condition for extra safety.

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