• Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer
  • Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer
  • Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer
  • Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer
  • Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer
  • Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer
  • Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer
  • Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer

Naja Light Ice Axe Hammer

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Key feature
Technical, light and precise ice axe hammer. Banana shape pick gives you a better hold. Effective for traction technique. Precise hooking surface. Carving shaft for greater precision,

Products benefits

Thin and precise banana shaped toothed pick with sharpened tip.
Curvature angle between Carving shaft and pick enables precision ice axe hooks.
The overall shape allows you to use it for traction and as a walking stick.
Ergonomic grip
Shaft with hand rest and good head handling grip.
Ultra light (aluminium shaft); 480 g in 54 cm -
Ease of use
Ergonomic grip with hand rest and hooking surface for planting pitons


54 cm
460 g
CE, EN13089, UIAA, Type B
Structure : 60.0% Aluminium, 40.0% Steel
Approved by
Team Simond mountaineers and guides
Designed to :
the mountaineers looking to take on technical climbs on glaciers and mixed terrain
2 years
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Rinse with water and dry after use
Storage Tips
In a ventilated and dry place
This hammer is not suitable for making artificial routes

Additional information

Hooking and Precision
Curvature produced by curved shaped Carving shaft, which dampens vibrations, and pick angle enable precision ice axe hooking.Thin and precise banana-shaped toothed pick with well sharpened tip.It anchors and de-anchors without undermining excellent hook. The shaft diameter is suitable for most hand sizes. The shaft includes a spike and a hand rest, without hindering ice axe penetration into snow to perform anchor.
Versatile and Light
This ice axe hammer's low weight and technical features make it highly versatile. Its shape and 54 cm size will assist you to safely progress on climbs and descents or along slopes or snow ridge. Its technical features will assist you to take on rimaye trek and routes with ice gullies, and even climb non-extreme ice falls. This ice axe's durability allows you to use it for solid anchoring.
Ease of use
It is made for leashless use, but if you want you can add a basic leash or a Trac-Up leash. You can also attach the elasticated Single Leash, which helps to reduce the risk of losing your ice axe. Attachment holes are intended for this purpose. It is offers good ergonomic grip which combined with balance hooking surface, allows you to effectively plant pitons with precision.